Home Art Projects Valentine’s day crafts for kids : Shiny hand prints cards

Valentine’s day crafts for kids : Shiny hand prints cards

Valentine’s day crafts for kids : Shiny hand prints cards
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Valentine’s day crafts for kids: Make shiny hand print cards

What we have today is an easy Valentine’s day craft for kids that is actually a simple homemade card. Have you seen  our  Salt Glitter hand print Christmas cards?

They are so easy to make and turn out very pretty. If you are making quite a few Valentine’s day cards it is more exciting for the kids to make cards with different techniques, as opposed to making many similar looking cards.

Yesterday we made Blow Painting Valentine’s  day cards. Today we have shining hand print  hearts Valentine’s day cards for kids.

[box title=”Things we used” color=”#333333″]


We made a cool salt glitter tray with a heavy rose of pink glitter. In a regular tray Big A  added salt, glitter and many small sequins. I usually re purpose this and use it as a shiny writing surface!

salt tray for valentine's day cards

I started off with giving the girls a paper plate with 3 of their favorite colors – of course, purple, pink and orange.

After Big A firmly pressed her hand on the paint, I helped spread the paint on her palm evenly and she made 2 hand prints ( one for each hand) across each other in a V-shape forming the heart.

valentine's day handprint card activity

Immediately ( this part is important) we flipped the card on the salt tray and pressed it gently on the surface. This makes the glitter and salt adhere to the paint. Once the paint begins to dry on the card, it wont pick up the glitter as effectively.

[ Note: Reason for adding the salt is that the glitter and sequins will show and shine better with a white base and will adhered better]

Tada! That’s our simple shiny home made Valentine’s day card.

salt glitter card

Up close and personal

Valentine's day card ideas

This homemade Valentine’s day card is so easy that even toddlers and baby can make them. Family members would love a cute hand print card from the baby/toddler! Once the cardmaking session is over, we used the paint plate as a writing surface for about 10 minutes before the paint dried out completely.

paint writing

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  1. Wow! I really love how bright these look! Outside of the salt assisting in adding to the brightness, did you use a certain type of bright paint? They look so lovely. At first I thought they were a shaving cream puffy paint type with the swirls due to handprints as well…Very Very Cool! We Will be doing this today! 😉 Hopefully I will have the energy to share after completed LOL! Thanks for sharing!


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