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Valentine Craft : Sticky Pom Pom Hearts Garland

Valentine Craft : Sticky Pom Pom Hearts Garland
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Valentine Craft : Sticky Pom Pom Hearts Garland

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Easy Valentine Craft for kids using contact paper and pom poms. This simple pom poms craft turns into a  beautiful pompom hearts garland!

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Materials { affiliate links included below for reference}

How to set up this fun pom poms craft

Lay out a sheet of clear contact paper and trace medium sized hearts. I used our Dollar Store foam hearts I had on hand from our hearts mobile post. Before tracing the hearts I folded the contact paper and traced 3 hearts on it. Using a good pair of scissors I cut the the three hearts and ended up with 6 hearts. { You could involve an older child to do the cutting }

After you have your hearts, use the same hearts outline to cut out 6 hearts from an old cereal box or cardboard.

materials for pom pom hearts


Just when you are ready for this Valentine craft, peel the backing from the contact paper and use glue to adhere the non-sticky side to the cardboard heart cut outs leaving the sticky part of the contact paper up.

Now the fun part begins!! { All our previous contact paper crafts here}

With the sticky side up, now the sticky hearts are ready to be prettied up. With the use of contact paper, this pom poms craft has instantly become a toddler Valentine craft. The kids can decorate, sticky, pattern to their hearts content. You can incorporate so many learning concepts with this Valentine craft activity. Think counting, skip counting, colors, patterning, addition. Aside that this craft is a fantastic fine motor exercise.


sticky hearts

How easy can a Valentine craft get? Isn’t this heart gorgeous?

sticky heart art activities for kids

Punch a small hole on top of all the hearts and string pretty Valentine themed ribbons through them.

valentine craft for kids with sticky pom poms

I enjoyed watching the kids create with the colorful pom poms.


After tying them up in hearts ribbons we set up the whole garland over the fireplace. The sticky part of the contact paper was strong enough to hold all the pom poms together. I encouraged the kids to place all the pom poms as close as possible so the hearts will have a fuller look.

pom pom heart garlands

Perfect for the season! Our mantle looks so festive, colorful and gorgeous.

valentine crafts for kids with stickypom poms

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