Home Art Projects Art Activities for Kids : Flower Pressing Valentine Art

Art Activities for Kids : Flower Pressing Valentine Art

Art Activities for Kids : Flower Pressing Valentine Art
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Art Activities for Kids : Flower Pressing Valentine Art

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Easy art activities for kids using fresh flowers. Flower pressing in under a minute. Use them to create nature themed Valentine Art.


  • Flowers
  • Printer Paper
  • Glue
  • Heavy Microwavable Plate
  • Paper Towels
  • Glue
  • Brush
  • Cardstock Paper

I have always wanted to try flower pressing with the kids simply because of all the fond memories of my childhood! I loved flower pressing as a kid. Luckily both my kids enjoyed this art activity. A good project,  just in time for Valentine’s Day. Since we were super short on time we took the easy route and did flower pressing in our microwave. We followed the directions from numerous Youtube videos on the process. For your reference here is one such video.

{ Homemade Card with pencil shavings here}

Flower Pressing in under a minute

We collected a bunch of flowers from our garden. { If you are totally snowed in, how about bringing in some color from the florist?}

The kids separated the petals and arranged them on a regular white sheet of paper. Fold the paper in half and close it. We also used a kitchen paper towel and folder it again and placed it around the sheet of paper with the petals. Place the sheet in the microwave and to make sure the petals stay in place I placed a heavy microwave safe plate over it. Depending on the size of the petals I would microwave them for 30 seconds. For good sized rose petals 1 minute would do the trick. If you are pressing daisies r smaller flowers and leaves I recommend pressing in increments of 30 seconds.


You could dry them for longer if you wish. I didn’t want the petals too brittle since my 4 year old was going to make Valentine cards with them..

microwave flower pressing

The kids were impressed with the super fast flower pressing method and were glad to explore with the transformation of the flower petals. My 6 year was making guesses as to what caused the change of texture.

pressed flowers on display

She loved this unique art activity and spent a lot of time making patterns with the dried flower petals. I always let the kids enjoy and explore the materials we set out for any project before engaging in the actual activity. { Often times the intended activity never happens and that is totally fine in our house!}

art activities for kids using pressed flowers


Art Activities for kids with pressed flowers for Valentine’s day

Time to create with dried flowers. Lightly brush with glue on the back of the flowers and petals and the kids can start making Valentine cards. This is a perfect all season art for kids { Think gorgeous fall leaves dried!}

art activities for kids using pressed flowers

We let them dry for awhile before writing notes to all our friends.

finished flower pressing cards for valentines

We even pressed a whole rose and my 6 year old had to make a heart with petals for one of her special friends!

We adore natured themed art activities.

art activities for kids with dry flowers

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