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Science Experiments for Kids : 12 science experiments in a jar

Science Experiments for Kids : 12 science experiments in a jar
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Conduct these interesting yet easy to set up science experiments for kids. Every one of them can be done in a jar!

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Grab all your glass jars and be ready to wow! your children with these fantastic science experiments.

Rainbow Jar from Playdough to Plato { You can also use the same density experiment to teach Ocean Zones }


Pine cone experiment in a jar from Lemon Lime Adventures


Heat Experiment in a jar from Coffee Cups and Crayons


Water cycle in a jar from Learn Play Imagine

How Does it Rain - Making Rain in a Jar (14)

Fog in a jar from What do we do all day


Hurricane in a jar from One Time Through


Snow storm in a jar from Growing a Jeweled Rose

Snow Storm in a Jar (1)

Tornado in a jar from In Lieu of Preschool


Rain jar with shaving cream from Teach Preschool


Sunset in a jar from Kids Play Box

science for kids with milk and flash light

Fireworks in a jar from I can Teach My Child


Lava Lamp in jar I use the term “jar” here loosely.  You can certainly do this experiment in a jar. This post from Two-Daloo is AMAZING.


 So, are you ready to have your kids engage in some cool science experiments in jars?

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Science for kids 12 science experiments in a jarKids Play Box

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