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Valentine Art : Heart Stencils

Valentine Art : Heart Stencils
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Valentine Art : Create with heart stencils for Valentine’s day

Make Valentine Art by simply cutting out hearts stencils. We are officially in the mood for some Valentine Art and other Valentine’s day arts and crafts activities. Check out our short round up of all the Valentine’s day art and crafts we did last year. Oooh yesterday’s Rose Goop was a fun sensory activity. On to today’s post. This activity is suitable for kids who are 4 and up.


  • Heart Stencils made from card stock paper
  • Washable Paint
  • Brushes

Heart stencils are made by folding a thick paper and drawing half a heart. You cut along the heart and then open the card. Tada! you have 3 heart cut outs (positives) and a heart stencil ( negatives)

stencils art

This is a 2 part Valentine art project which makes it even more fun and exciting for the children. First my 5 year old choose to create with the stencils. We started by placing the stencils on top a thick paper. Shen then proceeded to create strokes from the outside of the stencils towards the center.

art projects with hearts

The second part of is to use the positives ( heart cut outs themselves) Place the cut out on a thick paper and start painting from the center towards the outside. If you prefer to start from the edges and not the center that’s fine too. Make sure the strokes cross the hearts cut out and hit the actual paper you are working on.

valentine art

The used heart cut outs looks so beautiful – just as beautiful as the Valentine art itself.

painting for valentine art

We did a collage of sort by using multiple stencils and heart cut outs on the same sheet of heavy paper

valentines day art projects with hearts

My 5 year old mixed it up by making a few concentric hearts as well.

stencils art for valentines day

This activity gave her a opportunity to really plan her art/collage. Since she has shown tremendous in art activities we are slowly exploring more advanced art techniques to keep her interest. All our art activities for kids can be accessed here

kids art projects for valentines day

Check back tomorrow to see what we did with the positive heart cut outs

finished hearts art

Thanks for reading

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Valentines Day Art Projects with stencils

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