Home Crafts Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids : Wrapped Hearts

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids : Wrapped Hearts

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids : Wrapped Hearts
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Valentine’s day crafts for kids : Wrapped Hearts

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Make these simple wrapped hearts and decorate your wall with these kid-made hearts.

Around Valentine’s Day the kids and I love to fill our home with all their beautiful Valentine’s day crafts and the Valentine Art work they have done. We started this year’s hearts fun with yesterday’s Hearts Stencils Art. We also have saved all our previous Valentine’s day crafts and plenty of art.

Today we are sharing a simple Valentine craft that is a great fine motor work out as well


We cut strips of aluminum foil and twisted them to make hearts of different sizes. My 5 year old really got into this process of creating beautiful sparkly hearts from foil and with my help we were able to make plenty of hearts. I set out many craft supplies for her to choose from to decorate or wrap her hearts. You can even set out paint or markers for younger children who would simply love to color their hearts.

materials for foil hearts

 She chose her sparkly pipe cleaners first and went about wrapping them carefully.

valentinesday crafts with hearts

 Well, everything has got to be multi-colored right?

pipe cleaners wrapped hearts for valentines

The soft ribbons were up next. When she chose the ribbon, I started her off by taping one end of the ribbon to the foil hearts and having her continue the rest. It held one end of the ribbon in place to avoid frustration!

fine motor fun with hearts

We continued with couple of different types of ribbons and ended up with these beauties.

valentines day crafts for kids with hearts

We displayed them on our wall by simply taping them.

Crafts for Valentines day

You can also try wrapping them with yarn or colorful shoe laces.

wrapping hearts

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Valentine's day crafts with wrapped hearts

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fb hearts



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