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Valentine’s day activities : Sensory activities with rose goop

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We are kicking off brand new Valentine’s day activities with this yummy rose goop! A very simple way to start talking about Valentine’s day and what it may mean to your child.

Since the children went way too crazy ( in a good way)  and had too much fun with lots of hand waves, movements, pouring on each other etc AND since I’m no expert photographer all my action shots are kind of blurry!

So I hope you have seen our Rainbow Oobleck? What’s better than vibrant messy play? Goop and sensory activities in general are some of my kids’ favorite activity to do at home. Just feeling whatever sensory element in front of them is kind of therapeutic I guess ( for a while at least before the giggles and bathing each other with goop starts!) This rose goop we made as a part of our Valentine’s day activities is so easy to whip up and keeps them entertained for extended time. Here they are having fun with their disappearing hand prints.

toddler play time in rose goop

Even I can’t get enough of the wonderful texture of oobleck/ goop. Bonus – this one smells delicious! Just like Feb 14th?