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Valentine Art : Duct Tape Hearts

Valentine Art : Duct Tape Hearts
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Valentine Art : Duct Tape Hearts

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Easy Valentine Art using colorful duct tape that can be turned into homemade presents for Valentine’s day.

Very excited for our first post on our brand new name and URL. Welcome to Kids Play Box!

Today’s post is an easy Valentine’s day craft and art activity that can be a cute present for daddy/grand parents or any one really. { All our Valentine Art and craft ideas here}

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Process for making easy Valentine Art with duct tape

  • Lay out any thick paper { I had sand paper on hand from all our sand paper art projects} You can use card stock paper as well.
  • Have a heart template ready. Trace and cut out heart from the thick paper you have { sand paper in our case}
  • Set out brightly colored duct tapes { we used the small red and pink ones}
  • The kids can make any pattern on design using the tape. We chose to do alternate strips of the red and pinks to keep this Valentine Art project very seasonal. My 6 year old also wanted to do a criss cross patterns using the colors. They simply have to roll out the tape and stick them the way they want and cut off the edge.
  • The cutting part is the one which can be quite challenging. Use a good pair of scissors to cut off the tape. You { the adult} can hold the tape taut while the child can cut off the edge with the scissors.
  • Once the design has been achieved, flip the sandpaper heart over and have the kid {with your help} trim off the edges of the duct tape.

heart canvas art for valentines day

To turn this Valentine art into homemade presents you can choose any of the three below routes

1.Glue the duct tape heart to a nice square canvas { we used a burlap one}

2. Punch a hole on the heart and thread a nice heart themed ribbon and make a cute gift tag. If you want to make a heart gift tag and go this route, make the duct tape heart a little bit smaller. Duct tape will take fine tip marker well. Write your message on the strips.

3. Create a few more Valentine art and make multiple hearts and thread ribbons through them all and make a heart mobile. { check out our last year Valentine heart mobile here}

Want to see the pictures of the process and all the cute heart art, craft and presents we made? Continue to the next page by clicking on “2” below.


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