Art Activities for Kids : Sandpaper Art with fabric

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Art Activities for Kids : Sandpaper art with fabric

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Simple art activities for kids using sand paper and fabric. Use yarn, fabric and felt pieces to create beautiful art.

{More sandpaper art we have done in the past }

materials for sandpaper art

Materials { affiliate links are included below for your reference}

yarn for art

I had just 2 colors of felt on hand. Luckily they worked out great! I also  had a roll of chunky yarn I got at the craft store. They are not like your usual yarn but they kind of separate into strands and look like a net. I’m sure there is a name for this kind of yarn. Then I threw some regular white yarn and lace materials. Tulle material also adheres pretty well. I’d go throw your scrap fabric stash if you have them and do a fun exercise with the kids and see which fabric sticks well to the sand paper and which ones don’t. Then you can even have the kids come up with reasons as to why some do and some don’t. They can also chart their observations and describe the physical characteristics of each fabric. All this can be done simply  orally. For details I had a bunch of felt bugs and other animals.

I had my children envision a scene and start with a background. I had them slowly work their way up layering and finally finish with the details. I think the 6 year old had a decent grasp of the concept and was off creating her art. She really wanted to use the blue felt so her art centered around the blue.

kids art on sandpaper with fabric

My 4 year old’s goal was to explore every single fabric on the table.

kids art with fabric and sand paper

She was the one who tried all the pieces, stretching, pulling and pinching every piece to see if they will adhere to the sandpaper. I adore watching the kids take a stab at the same art activities rom different angles.

I really love the look of the spread out chunky yarn on sand paper. What a fun and open ended kids art project!

art for kids with sand paper and felt and yarn

There were a few tulle and other net/lace like materials that were great choices for this sandpaper art.

kids art with fabric

My 6 year old completed this simple sand paper art with all the added details of felt bugs, flowers and others.

felt art for kids

My 4 year on a mission to use everything fabric up was completely enamored by the chunky yarn enjoyed spreading it like a net. So much fine motor workout.

art with fabric and sandpaper for kids

Depending on the materials used you can also prop up your sandpaper and the art will not fall off. What do you think?

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Kids art with sandpaper and fabric

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