Home Art Projects Art Activities for Kids : Homemade Rangoli Powder

Art Activities for Kids : Homemade Rangoli Powder

Art Activities for Kids : Homemade Rangoli Powder
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Art Activities for Kids : Homemade Rangoli Powder

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Make vibrant Rangoli Powder at home for a fun and unique art activity for kids. Requires just 3 ingredients and you and your kids can be off creating beautiful patterns.

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Rangoli Powder { link provided above for an introduction to Rangoli} is traditionally made using rice flour. Although in the recent times the materials have been swapped for chalk, sand and another white shaded rock powder for easier handling of the powder. Coarse powder flows better. But our family have always only used rice flour to create patterns on special occasions and auspicious days. The reason is among all the many origins for the creation of the Rangoli concept one  that really stuck to me was the fact that the elaborate designs laid out in front of homes were a source of food for many tiny creatures, especially ants. So my mother never wanted to mess with the organic ingredients of the flour and just stuck to only rice flour.  Well, I just added a teeny bit of salt to my recipe so that my daughter can make the designs and enjoy this simple art activity.

Materials { affiliate links for your reference}

    • Salt
    • Pie Pans {optional}

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