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Valentine Art: Crayon Transfer Art Project

This Valentine Art is something we love to do all the time. This time we transferred the art to a t-shirt. I’m talking about sand paper and crayons! Now, the crayons do get worn down when you are coloring with them on sand paper, but the coloring process seems so therapeutic!


  • Fine Sand Paper ( do NOT get the coarse)
  • Good quality crayons
  • Plain t-shirt

I totally winged this project and did not measure or use a heart outline. It definitely will turn out much better if you center the heart, use an outline and ooh and even wash and iron the t-shirt you are working on ha! Scroll down and you will know what I’m talking about.

On a fine sand paper, draw a heart ( or 2) or any outline you like and color it in while pressing down the crayons hard. This was a collaborative effort!

art on sand paper

Use a t-shirt your child wants (or very cutely demands) to have a nice big heart on. My 3 year old chose one of her existing shirts even though we bought a new one for the project {a black one } { Plain tees are available at the dollar store}

materials for sand paper art