Home Art Projects Valentine Art : Tape Resist Toddler Art

Valentine Art : Tape Resist Toddler Art

Valentine Art : Tape Resist Toddler Art
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Valentine Art : Tape Resist Toddler Art

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Today’s Valentine Art is such a staple of all art activities for kids. Our mantle is already starting to look oh-so-pretty with all our Valentine art and crafts projects being mounted there. { Access all our Valentine art and crafts here } The children love to see their work being displayed around the house.


  • Masking Tape
  • Water color paper/heavy paper
  • LIquid water colors

On a crisp sheet of water color paper ( we love those for all our water color art activities and love this brand.
) I drew a heart outline and set out masking tape and water colors. The children’s eyes lit up when they saw their favorite liquid water colors out on the art table.

I showed them to tear off pieces of masking tape from the roll and they started pasting them on the paper following the heart outline. This exercise was a great fine motor practice. After the heart outline was completed, they went ahead and had a blast with the liquid water colors set out. My children are big fans of big bright colors and chose red, blue and magenta for their Valentine Art project.

Here is big sister, 5 years old having a go at her heart. She paints the entire sheet of paper including the insides of the heart. The masking tape resists the water colors even if she paints on them! A minimalist by nature, she colored her entire sheet in one color ( red) and completed the art with a blue border. How beautiful!

Creating Valentine art with tape resist

Baby sister, 3 loves to use more colors in her art but is compelled to have at least one element in common with her sister’s art. She just enjoyed exploring and painting ON the masking tape for a really long time. She loved seeing the colors spread out on the tape and tried hard to completely cover the tape with paint!

drawing on masking tape

While she loved painting her heart with all the colors they chose at the beginning of this Valentine art project, she insisted that her art have a blue border as well.

 drawing borders for art for kids

Their completed hearts looked so bright and beautiful!

tape resist valentines day art

Then it was the favorite part of the art project – peeling off the tape, again { fine motor alert} Why does it feel so therapeutic?

peeling of tape while doing art activities

All our “peeled off” art here.

reist tape art hearts

 final art project tape art

They make for a stunning wall art

wall art made by kids

wall art valentine art

If you want to go for a different kind of resist art on canvas, try this resist art on canvas by Mama.Papa.Bubba Blog- you will fall in love with her blog there.

Cnvas resist

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