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Homemade Cards for Valentine’s Day

Homemade Cards for Valentine’s Day
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Homemade Cards for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s day around the corner we realized we hadn’t made any cards this year. Last year we had two homemade Valentine’s day cards the kids had made – a shiny handprint homemeade Valentine’s day card and a straw blown homemade card. This year however we extended our Stencils Hearts Valentine art and made cards. Read our original Valentine art post here.

Alright people, this is going to be a super short one since the activity is so simple but the results are gorgeous.

I gathered the heart stencils we made along with the bright heart cuts outs my 5 year had very eagerly created.

hearts art

I set out glue, card stock paper and the stencils and cut outs for her to create homemade Valentine’s day cards using a very simple Valentine art.


She proceeded to carefully choose her favorite hearts and immediately created a butterfly using 2 purple hearts. That one sees an animal in everything.single.thing.around her!

stikcing hearts

The folded card stock was a perfect base for this simple card.

cards for valentines day

She used the hearts negatives – the stencils to make another simple card. All she did was to glue the stencil to a folded card stock paper.

 cards for vday

There you have one more cute hearts homemade cards for  Valentine’s day.

 kids made cards

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Valentine'day cards kids can make

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fb hearts

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