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Christmas Crafts for Kids : Jingle Bells Bracelets

Christmas Crafts for Kids : Jingle Bells Bracelets
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You know we love Christmas crafts with jingle bells. We have used those fun supplies in plenty of crafts and the recent one being our cute and easy Jingle Bells Car ornament.

Today I welcome Dhiyana from Sparkling Buds to share a cute kids craft using pipe cleaners and jingle bells. She shares easy kids crafts, art projects and printables on her site. Please do check out her recent Christmas Wreath printing art project – such a clever idea.

Hello all, I am happy to meet you all in Kids Play Box.

I am here to share a simple craft which made my daughter happy. When she was at her preschool, I made her this beautiful bracelet out of pipe cleaner. I surprised her when she came home. She was so happy and she was wearing the entire day. So I believe your beloved ones too will love this beautiful pipe cleaner beads bracelet like how my daughter did.

Materials needed {affiliate links}

Sparkly Chenille Stems

Jingle bells

Pencil or some object to roll the pipe cleaner to beads


1. Start rolling the pipe cleaner around the pencil.


2. Remove the rolled pipe cleaner from the pencil. Slightly roll it with your fingers to maintain its round shape. Please make sure there is no sharp edge of pipe cleaner projecting out.


3. Continue Step 2 for all beads.


4. I made pipe cleaner beads in white and red color. Cut another pipe cleaner slightly larger than the length required for the bracelet. Start beading the beads. In between I added two bells to make it a little more festive.


5. After desired size is reached, join both the ends of the pipe cleaner. Again, please check that there is no sharp edge projecting out. The beautiful pipe cleaner beads bracelet is done! My daughter loved the bracelet. It literally took me 5 minutes to make this.


It is a simple gift idea that can be done in no time. Hope you enjoyed reading the post.

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