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Got to love yarn art project for kids. In the past we have used yarn for learning, fine motor and for craft too. We have done sticky yarn project for learning letters and numbers, used yarn with sandpaper for creating art and rolled yarn around a rolling pin to make rainbow prints.

Today we are making scented string art.

Materials Needed:

  • Kool-Aid packets
  • Yarn
  • Clear Bowls
  • Thick paper

Grab small clear bowls and empty a whole packet of Kool Aid in each of them. Add enough water to keep the vibrancy of the color. { About 1 cup} We like to use clear cups because the colors really stand out and bright, vibrant colors really attract the kids. They get very excited to get started. { We have used brights colors as a central focus in multiple colors experiments and art projects}

We cut white yarn into varying lengths and dropped them in the bowls. The white yarn was a conscious choice since it will give the kids a chance to see the Kool-Aid color getting absorbed by the yarn.  You can also see below that the yellow Kool-Aid has more than one color. An already colored yarn bit was dropped in the yellow Kool Aid and the kids watched the different colors mix and swirl. After observing the yarn and color interaction the kids were ready to move on to the art project.