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messy play quick play ideas with oobleck

Quick Play Idea with colorful oobleck

Sensory Activities for Kids:  Rainbow oobleck Welcome to this week's quick play idea. If you have made oobleck before then you know how much fun it is for the kids. If you...
cornstarch recipes

Play recipes using cornstarch

With the advent of Pinterest, homemade play recipes seem to be gaining some serious popularity with good reason of course.  With the abundance of play recipes at a click of a...
blogmemom colored easter homemade clay ornaments

Homemade Cornstarch Clay Play

This sensory play was supposed to be a busy play sensory activity for my kids.  But it turned into so much more. I made a small batch of cornstarch clay/cornstarch playdough...
oobleck on pinecones

Goop on pinecones

Goop on pine cones We are doing our oobleck fountain once again only this time we have more colors and more pinecones! If you are new to goop (also known as oobleck)...