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sensory activities with oobleck

Sensory Activities: Color Changing Goop Science

Sensory activities with color changing goop science Sensory activities in general are of great interest to my toddler. She has had fun time with sudsy goop and my preschooler has had a...

Homemade Finger Paint

Homemade edible finger paint   My kids are 4.5 and 2.5 now. It has been a while since we painted with finger paints.. My toddler thinks she is going to kindergarten with her...
new playdough recipe

Chilled Play Dough Recipe

Yesterday we made our a cool batch of play ice cream. Today we turned the same ingredients into an easy play dough. We have used popular play dough recipes to make...
pretend icecream recipe

Sensory Activities for kids : Pretend Ice Cream Play

Sensory Activities for kids: Summer pretend play with ice cream This post is inspired by the fabulous chilly goo post on Fun at home  with Kids. After seeing that I was pretty...
sensory activities with goop

Sensory Activities: Reviving soapy goop

Sensory activities with soapy goop Yesterday we shared our fun sudsy goop sensory activity. If  you missed that one, check that out first. I left the goop tub to dry for a...
sensory activities with goop

Sensory Activities : Sudsy Goop

Sensory activities using sudsy goop You all know how to make oobleck/goop. Just in case you are not aware of this wonderful play compound, goop is a non-Newtonian fluid which acts like...