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Sensory Activities: Reviving soapy goop

Sensory Activities: Reviving soapy goop
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Sensory activities with soapy goop

Yesterday we shared our fun sudsy goop sensory activity. If  you missed that one, check that out first. I left the goop tub to dry for a day and  when I went back I found this wonderful, still fragrant, powdered cornstarch with a cloud dough like texture. I had to scrap off the tub and kind of disintegrate them a bit. The result was a fabulous sensory element.

This is just cornstarch with a bit of soap and little moisture so it behaved like cloud dough which was oh- so fun

I was able to make balls out of it and my toddler was very happy to explore in her oobleck bin. She kept asking over and again, “is this oobleck mommy? It doesn’t look like it. If the child is older, this is a good opportunity to show dry/ wet and change of matter.


 I set out ice cream scoops, cups and spoons for a traditional sensory bin exploration.

We made shapes using ice cream scoops


I made the ice cream cookies.

sensory goop

and she smashed them.

scoops of dry goop

We had a fun time making “flipped cupcakes” using the cups I set out.

cupcakes and goop

and she decorated them with sprinkles.

dry goop

and drove cars around in the tub

cars and goop

All the pictures are of the sensory bin itself since the pictures of my daughter playing are supremely blurred! She was exploring at lightning speed!

My toddler adores sensory activities in general and this one was no exception. Both the sudsy oobleck sensory activity and the “life after goop” sensory activity was right up her alley.

Hope you and your kids try sudsy goop and dry goop fun. If you do come back and share your photos on our Facebook wall!

For more sensory activities ideas visit our category page. For the original soap goop click on the image.

sensory activities with goop

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