Home Crafts Spring Crafts for kids : Birds and butterfly mobiles

Spring Crafts for kids : Birds and butterfly mobiles

Spring Crafts for kids : Birds and butterfly mobiles
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Spring Crafts for kids : Birds and butterfly mobiles

Turn of the season means fun new kids crafts on the table. With warm weather slightly showing up we got cracking with fun new spring crafts for kids. The children love their share of outdoor nature inspired kids activities. However now and then we enjoy our time at home and we created these cute spring themed butterfly and chicks mobiles.

Every season I always stock up on those seasonal foam cut outs available at most stores. { We did a similar fine motor activity for Valentine’s day and we did the same last Thanksgiving with our foam turkeys}

Materials ( any accessories you have should work)

  • Foam Cut outs
  • Sequins
  • Sapangles
  • Acrylic Gems
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Feather
  • Googly Eyes

materials for spring crafts for kids

Directions for this spring craft for kids

This time I got a pack of foam butterflies and birds just for $1 each. I set out these cuties along with our usual fine motor activities accessories. Typically I have googly eyes, sequins, spangles, pom poms, acrylic gems, cut up pipe cleaners and every now and then feathers.

Then it is all about the kids and how they want to continue with this spring craft. My 3 year old started with the chick and decorated her bird with all sorts of assortments.

fine motor activity for spring

She was very particular about using the brush to apply some glue on the back of the googly eyes. Sure this is even more of a fine motor activity.

stickng glue

This time I had glitter glue out so they were even more excited with this spring craft since they get to decorate with GLITTER GLUE!

applying glitter glue spring craft for kids

Some birds were stuffed with colorful pom poms. We even had a butterfly with feathers! Crafting with children becomes an enjoyable process when I let go my adult inhibitions and go with the flow.

decorating birds fine motor spring crafts for kids

Yep, that’s the work my pattern loving 5 year old.

butterfly foam craft

And then we decorated more butterflies and even more chicks.

fine motor activities for spring

Once the foamies dried, I attached them to a green ribbon and displayed them on our living room wall. They made for a cute spring themed mobile

Spring Themed mobiles - fine motor activity

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