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Art activities for kids : Spring Flower Craft

Art activities for kids : Spring Flower Craft
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Art activities for kids : Spring Flower Art

Fun and easy absorption art activities for kids using water colors and cotton rounds. Then turn them into a fun spring craft for kids.

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We really do love art activities for kids here on the blog and we have recently done plenty of spring art activities and spring crafts for kids. Today we are exploring absorption again with liquid watercolors. We have already done this cotton rounds art previously ( and it has been one of our popular posts) The reason we are revisiting this is simply because my 5 year old started creating some figures with the colored cotton rounds. Well, then it is time for another blog post and THIS time unlike last time we did this art activity I KNOW what I’m doing with my camera haha.

Spring Crafts for Kids : Cotton Rounds Flowers

Materials ( affiliate links for your reference)

Liquid Watercolors

Transfer Pipettes

Cotton Rounds

materials for cotton rounds art project

I purchased the cotton rounds at the local supermarket. The water colors and pipettes were purchased online. The above links will take you to the product page.

Just like many of our art activities, this again is very open ended where the adult’s part is done after setting out the materials. The children transfer the liquid water colors using the pipette on to the cotton rounds. They can observe the colors being absorbed by the material. The entire process of the colors spreading is quite mesmerizing for their eyes.

dropping watercolors on cotton rounds

 I enjoyed watching my children explore the colors and squeal with delight every time the colors spread out. This is also a great opportunity to explore more color mixing…{ Tip: It is best to do this activity on top of a plastic sheet since the children do tend to go overboard with the watercolors and the colors will seep through the cotton rounds. You can gently suggest the kids to use only drops of the watercolors.)

dropping liquid watercolors on cotton rounds spring art project for kids

It was exciting to see my 5 year old’s work. The pattern has definitely advanced since the last time we did this art activity. Now her design even more purposeful and well thought out.

spring art with watercolors

Once they are done creating with the gorgeous liquid watercolors, it is time to set the cotton rounds to dry. As you can gauge the simplicity of art activities for kids like these, you will realize that these are perfect toddler art activities.

spring absorption art with watercolors

We left them to dry for a day and the followin day more color mixing happened and the results were spectacular.

cotton rounds absorption art with watercolors
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How to turn this art activity for kids into spring crafts for kids

I had planned on leaving them out like that but my daughter had other plans. I caught her making patterns with them and she ended up with a flowers, caterpillars, snakes, abstract design..

spring art with flowers

Now wasn’t that a fun spring craft? Don’t forget to involve your  toddler in this super easy art project.

Absorption Art for Spring Blog Me Mom

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