Home Art Projects Art Activities for Kids : Melted Crayon Art for Easter

Art Activities for Kids : Melted Crayon Art for Easter

Art Activities for Kids : Melted Crayon Art for Easter
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Art Activities for Kids : Melted Crayon Art for Easter

Welcome to our 3rd installment of our Art Projects for kids series we are doing alongside some fantastic bloggers.

Our earlier art activities were Texture on Water Colors Art Project and Cracked Wax Resist Art Project.

Today we are sharing a fun art activity just in time for Easter. { All our Easter crafts and activities}  This can double up as a creative way to decorate your eggs.

Today’s topic : Exploring Crayons

Materials (affiliate links included for your reference)

terials for crayon art projects

We sorted our crayons (after peeling off the paper) in 5 colors and melted them in glass bowls ( you can use recycled tin cans) I placed them in a large pan of boiling water and melted them. Check our crayon candles post for additional details.

I had a few “blown eggs” and a few just hard-boiled eggs as canvas for this art activity.

My 5.5 year went for the semi-melted red to decorate her eggs. In a minute you will see the difference in results between semi-melted goopy crayons and full melted liquid crayon paint.

The image below is of a thick, textured melted crayon. We used a brush to pick up the melted crayon and she just dabbed the “paint” in an almost dot fashion. Stencil brushes would work very well for this Easter Art project.

making melted crayon marks for art activities for kids

Once the crayon hardens ( in about a minute) we used our favorite Liquid Watercolors and painted all over the eggs.

easter crafts with crayon art

The melted crayon will resist the water based paint and you will be left with these gorgeous Easter eggs.

melted wax crayon easter art

If you truly melt the crayons to a completely liquid consistency and make “crayon paint” so to speak then that gives a mildly different result. Since the paint is runny your child can easily paint all over the egg. Alternatively just place a large dollop of crayon paint on the egg and just rotate the egg all around so you can have the paint move all around the egg.

decorating easter eggs with melted crayons

Then when you paint this kind of egg with liquid watercolors, they look even more gorgeous. You can see the white color from the egg as some sort of “piping” haha.

easter decorating crayon eggs

We decorated plenty of eggs and had a grand time exploring crayons in this fun art activity.

art activiites for kids with crayons and eggs easter crafts

All our crayon melted Easter eggs. This art activity was a huge success at our house.

easter art activities with crayon eggs

crayon art activities for kids for easter

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Melted Crayon Art for Easter

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Tips : Keep warm water nearby to clean your brushes immediately after you are done with one color.

Have a pan of boiling water running to remelt the crayons that harden while doing the art project. I didn’t have to remelt them may times but it was good to have that pan going.

It is best to work with one melted crayon set at a time.

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  1. This process of using melted crayons and watercolours for Easter is one of the best implementations that I have seen. The melted crayons create a really nice texture and look great as well. The watercolour just accentuates the whole artwork! Children love this type of creative works!


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