sticky garden window art
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Spring Activities for Kids : Sticky Garden

Engaging spring activities for kids using contact paper and fresh flowers from your garden.

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Come spring, we love hanging out in our backyard, our lawn and even on our super-friendly neighbor’s lawn. We love nature play and both the kids are in their elements when surrounded by nothing but nature. Our generous neighbor is always giving us fresh flowers along with exciting stories about his childhood memories of making perfumes, playing with petals etc. Inspired by his stories, we have found multiple ways to play with fresh flowers.

  1. Fresh flowers Play dough
  2.  Fresh Flowers sensory play
  3.  Fresh flowers scavenger hunt
  4.  Fresh Flowers spring potions

There are also a ton of nature inspired spring activities for kids on our recent round up.

We collected a bunch of their favorite flowers. For the sake of nature itself, it is best to use flowers that are almost falling off of the plant…

flowers spring activity

The kids, (5.5 and 3.5 yrs) spread them out on a large sheet of poster board and observed them using a magnifying glass.  We collected both the flowers and the leaves from the plant.