Home Art Projects Spring Crafts for kids : Word Flowers

Spring Crafts for kids : Word Flowers

Spring Crafts for kids : Word Flowers
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Spring Crafts for Kids : Learning with word flowers

Make resist art spring flowers, learn about synonyms and finally decorate your refrigerator with magnetic synonym flowers

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With spring in full swing all around us, it is time to create with flowers.  Oh how we love spring – the colors and blooms just sweeps us off with their cheery beauty. We adored making spring potions and loved our spring sheep craft. We have also combined learning with seasonal activities. Last season my children loved their color matching play dough garden and their ABC garden. Check out the links!

For today’s spring craft..

Materials (affiliate links provided for your reference)

Card stock Paper

White Crayon

liquid Watercolors


Laminator (optional)

Magnetic Tape

Cut out 4 circles to serve as the center of the flowers. Then cut out your petals using plain card stock paper.

flowers template

On each centers I wrote down a word ( happy, sad, angry and worried) with a white crayon. On the corresponding petals I wrote down synonyms of each word. For this my older, 5.5 years and I had a discussion. I gave her a word and she told me 2 other words that means the same. So the 5 synonyms were a combination of the words she knew and a few other I’d love for her learn.

create with flowers

Here is a quick list. Choose the words you and your child can come up with.


  • Glad
  • Glee
  • Cheery
  • Smiling
  • Joyful

Spring Crafts for kids : Flowers Emotions!

Then it was resist art time. Resist art technique is such an easy, gorgeous and magical art activity for kids. We have explored this before through crayon resist spider web, glue resist art and recently our cracked wax art.

I set out some of our favorite vibrant liquid watercolors along with some gorgeous brushes. Once the petals are painted with liquid watercolors, the word is revealed “magically”. The wax crayon resists the water based liquid colors!

painting the names

That’s art, craft, fine motor and learning all rolled in one.

resist art spring flowers

Once we painted all our petals and centers, we set them to dry for a bit. It didn’t take very long to dry.

spring crafts

At this point you can laminate your petals for a longer “shelf life” of the craft so to speak. I skipped this part and went ahead and attached pieces of magnetic tape with sticky backs.

magnetic flowers for spring

I then set out the centers with the words “happy, sad, angry and worried” along with the petals all mixed up on a baking sheet.

spring learning activity

Then my 5.5 year old chose the words that mean the same as “happy” and created her “happy flower”

make words with flowersv

Here is her flower made with synonyms of happy.


Continue the same for the rest of the words and make gorgeous spring flowers. After we created the flowers on the baking sheet, she moved them all to the refrigerator.

spring flowers on the fridge

Fun with magnetic spring flowers right? Now your refrigerators looks all bright and colorful.

Thanks for reading!

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