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Sensory Activities: Princess Snot

Sensory Activities: Princess Snot
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Sensory Activities with gelatin

Today we share something that is so icky gooey and sticky that it is supremely fun for your mess loving kids. These sensory activities for kids does so much for your child- a quick personal observation, language explosion during sensory play, curiosity piques and many interesting questions come about. TwoDaloo has a fantastic article on “Sensory Play- Is it necessary?” While you are there, check out her series on language development through sensory play.

On to today’s fun.

Sensory Activities: making”edible” fake snot!

We are making gooey stuff which looks like SNOT! Yes, it is apparently a very popular science experiment for school age kids. I have seen this idea on many science for kids websites. Here is one.

The recipe calls for unflavored gelatin and corn syrupCheck out all our previous sensory activities using gelatin. Be warned that this is a messy and sticky activity.

I added few fall scents ( pumpkin, apple, vanilla and cinnamon) to small bowls. I added hot water to the scents along with food colors and set them on the table.

materials for sensory play

Th kids added unflavored gelatin to the colored water. We let them set for about 5 minutes  until they start to thicken. Don’t let the gelatin get too thick. Once soft, we added corn syrup. You should be able to see strands resembling snot! [quick science : protein from the gelatin + sugars from the corn syrup = gooey snot strands]. The original recipe calls for much lesser gelatin. While the snot was great it was not thick enough to manipulate and play. It was indeed a perfect mock snot. Since we increased the gelatin we achieved a thicker consistency that worked for us.

pink gooey stuff

Now the original experiment true to the name makes only green colored gooey stuff. Did we stop with just the food colors? We certainly DID NOT? What other crazy thing did we do? Add glitter, yes glitter.

sensory snot

The kids went to down mixing and playing with the resulting gooey substance. The best of all, my older kid came up with this ingenious name – Princess Snot because we like to think that when princesses have the sniffles, their snot is pink and has lots of glitter.

The substance is stretchable and can be pulled and pinched in many ways. As the gelatin gets thicker it loses the snot like consistency and gets more slime-like!

sensory snot

Since we had made multiple colors, te kids were so excited to dip their hands in all the bowls. Also the kids were attracted towards the vanilla scent and added lots of gold and green glitter and a ton of orange food color.

golden snot

Of course mixing happened.

sensory play with cornsyrup

The kids loved and played only with the pink and vanilla snot. I wouldn’t bother with the rest. Bright colors and glitter were enough.

drip gooey

Here is our reality shot- unedited, uncut version..

our sensory table

Recipe for this sensory activity

  • 1/2 cup boiling water
  • Add 3 envelopes of unflavored gelatin
  • 1 envelope = 2.5 TSP
  • 1/4 cup of corn syrup

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  1. Just wondering – I get that this is messy and that’s part of the point. But I’m wondering about the cleanup! 🙂 This might be cool to do at ds’ Harry Potter birthday but I’m not sure about doing it with 8 kids and how the clean up would go! Were the kids very sticky? 🙂

    • With the corn syrup yes I would say it is quite sticky . As long as you do the clean up as soon as the activity is done you are good. Soak the containers in warm water that’s all. The surface also needs to be cleaned ASAP since the concoction has gelatin in it. Hard to come off if you miss a spot and let it dry. But making snot on a 8 year boy’s birthday- you might as well call yourself “favorite person in the room!” Good luck and hope the kids have fun.

  2. Your title for this activity is BRILLIANT! Looks like such a fun and messy sensory activity. I used to use gelatin, hot water, and food coloring to make sun catchers with my 3rd grade class. You pour it into a lid (like a Pringle lid) and then let it dry out. After it dries, you hole punch it, thread a piece of ribbon through it, then hang it on the window latch.


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