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sensory play

Sensory Activities: Princess Snot

Sensory Activities with gelatin Today we share something that is so icky gooey and sticky that it is supremely fun for your mess loving kids. These sensory activities for kids does so...
experiments for kids

Science experiments for kids : Fizzing color mixing activity

An exciting science experiment for kids that also teaches primary and secondary colors. Science should be ideally fun at all ages. Unfortunately somewhere along the way of growing up, school, exams, pop quizzes and projects it loses...
silk worm kids activity

Life cycle of a silkworm and a book review

Quick! A silk worm is not a worm, but a ----? Yes, a moth. Why the sudden interest in silk worms? Apart from our recent worm land creation and our long...

Who lost his tail?

Kids are very observant and it shows when they talk to you about things they have seen or heard or even correct your sentences for you! So how keen is their...