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Fall Activities: Apple Dough Recipe

Fall Activities: Apple Dough Recipe
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Fall activities : Play with apple dough made with real apples

Fall may not be here, but September is. I can’t wait to create all the fun fall activities for the kids, do cute fall crafts and ooh fall sensory bins. Don’t you just love autumn? My preschooler has already fallen in love with the apple pie scent and the other day wanted me to add the apple scent to her mango shake! Talk about quirky!

To up the upcoming season’s excitement we have joined hands with 3 other awesome blogs out there to bring you 5 days of amazing fall activities.

This fall activities series will run on Learn Play ImagineFun At Home With Kids,  and Housing a Forest.

Here are our themes for the series:

Monday : Fall themed dough

Tuesday : Fall themed paints

Wednesday: Fall themed glowing play ideas

Thursday : Scents of Fall

Friday: Fall themed nature play ideas..

On to today’s post – Apple dough with real apples! The fragrance was astonishing!

We gathered our supplies to make our apple dough. The kids made this one for the large part and needed help during the last stages of kneading.

We used our favorite play dough recipe to make these. The kids added the flour, salt, oil and the cream of tartar to a large bowl

materials needed for fall play dough bakery

Then they spooned in the apple pie filling which was ground to a fine puree. I’d assume you can also use apple sauce to make this very fragrant recipe. After adding the apple, they added more apple pie spice for extra fragrance.

process of making apple play dough

Finally we added boiling water and kneaded the dough into big balls of apples. We made three colors – red, green and yellow.The kids grabbed a few leaves from our orange tree to add to our apples and my 4 year old couldn’t stop giggling about that. { simple things}

apple playdough

I set out a few simple supplies for them for pretend play. A few silicone cupcakes liners, sprinkles, pom poms and plastic knives and spoons.

pretend bakery for fall

Cutting that large apple dough was the most fun for my preschooler. Unknowingly she was developing her fine motor skills -all through play.

cutting apple play dough

{The kids and I love themed activities. Engaging in fall activities is giving the kids a sense of time and a better understanding of seasons. I loved it when she said ” so we are doing fall stuff, does it mean it is going to be Halloween soon?” I loved that question and it makes all our themed/seasonal activities worth it!}

They had a lot of fun pretending to make cupcakes with the apples. Kneading the dough, pinching the dough, rolling the dough and squishing up the dough. All while taking big whiffs of the yummy apple scent.

playing with play dough

They “poured” the sprinkles and stuck pom poms to decorate their cakes.

making cupcakes

The kids lined up their newly created apple cupcakes for mommy. It seemed I HAD to choose my favorite. No way I’m falling into that trap! That beautiful smile would have turned upside down.

fall play dough

The recipe

1 cup flour

1/4 cup salt

2 tbsp oil

1 tbsp of cream of tar tar

2 tbsp of apple pie filling

a good sprinkle of apple spice.

3/4 cup of boiling water.

If you need a stronger scent, add more pie filling and a bit more flour. Pie filling really makes it smell delicious.

Thanks for reading

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Apple dough with real apples - blog me mom

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    • Hi, I made 4 colors and put 2 in the fridge and 2 at room temperature. Both were stored in Ziplocs ( air-tight plastic baggies) It has been 8 days since I made these and all the 4 are in great condition- ( the ones in the fridge are obviously a bit harder) No mold growth on the ones at room temperature. You can always add little alum to the play dough to increase the shelf life. Hope that helps!


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