Home Art Projects Ice activities : Icy fruit painting for toddlers

Ice activities : Icy fruit painting for toddlers

Ice activities : Icy fruit painting for toddlers
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Icy Fruit Painting

Fun outdoor ice activity for the summer.

We are finding ourselves doing more kids activities outdoors or in our backyard. It’s warm and it is great to be out of the house. With my 4 year old away at school, it was a great day to have some one on one with my toddler in our backyard. Beat the heat, get out doors, create an ice activity  and paint. Fun combination!

This ice activity needed *some* planning. Planning as in ” remember to make colored ice” Ha!

ice sensory painting

I froze a 5 flavors of Kool-Aid in our Popsicle molds. Orange, Strawberry, Grape, Lemon and Cherry. I also printed out big images of the respective fruits on paper.

Note: Please use a thick paper if you are planning on doing this. We used regular paper since we were not planning on saving it. This art activity was purely for painting with fruity popsicles.

I was really happy that this simple summer ice activity turned out to be a partial learning activity as well.

I used 2 kinds of Popsicle molds-  A thick one which is easier to grip.

popscicle molds for fruit painting

A slightly thinner for variety.

sensory fruits for toddler

Then my toddler started painting ( and tasting) away.

This is how we went about playing

My toddler picks out a popsicle “paint” and calls out the color. Eg: yellow

Then we take a look at the 5 fruits and I have her *try* to match the fruit. “Which fruit do you think is yellow?” “Lemon?” Let’s paint the lemon with your yellow popsicle.

It was a fun sensory activity as well for my toddler stimulating her vision, smell and of course the big one,  taste. Of course she licked them! Since I did not add any sugar the Kool-Aid was way too sour.

Here is the sensory activity in pictures.

all fun sensory fun

It was interesting to see the way she chose to paint. Here she is painting a lemon holding the ice itself.

paint lemons

Here she chose to hold the top. Every one of these different methods seem to make her try a different way to paint.

swirling strawberries

She also tried to remove the ice off the mold.

trying to open the poscicle mold

It was a fun toddler sensory activity for her. We set out our fruits to dry. Here are all our fruits colored. We mixed up the flavors and fruits on many pictures.. You really think a toddler was going to paint only red on strawberries? Like I said, if you want to save the work use thicker paper. Our paper did dry stiff.

painted fruits

This ice fruit painting summer sensory activity was an easy to set up and perfect for a toddler on a hot summer day.

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