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Sensory Activities : Quick Play Idea with Fresh flowers and Sand

Sensory Activities : Quick Play Idea with Fresh flowers and Sand
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Sensory activities for kids. Let them  enjoy a warm summer day with fresh flowers and colored sand.

Today we have another simply quick play idea. You can read our previous installments here.

A few days ago we shared a colored sand – 3 ways post. That post will show you the method to make scented colored sand. Once we had our colorful sand box ready, it was ready for a fun sensory activity. Sensory activities with sand as a base are so easy to set up. We just added a few of our favorites.

[box title=”Things we used” color=”#333333″]

  • Sand/Colored Sand
  • Fresh flower petals
  • Aquarium gravel
  • Muffin tins and scoops


sensory activities wih sand

You don’t *have* to use colored sand. Regular sand is just as fun to mix up with other elements. I set out a muffin tin along with scoops for the kids to scoop, pour and create.

sensory play scooping

Flowers were such a fun and fragrant addition to the sensory activity. We tried to pick up the petals which were fallen down as much as possible. It was my 4 year old’s idea to add some “sprinkles” to the sand cupcakes she will be making. We added some aquarium gravel as colorful toppings.

play time sensory

Colorful sandy cupcake with sprinkles for mom.

rose cupcakes

This sensory activity is a good example to show how play takes its on course with kids. The kids went ahead and added a few grass clippings to make a colorful concoction of sand, flowers and grass,

scopping colored sand

For anytime quick play idea, my go-to is a simple sensory activity which is easy to throw together. In this case, all I needed was sand and flowers!

nature sensory activities

A warm afternoon well spent playing, laughing and making with an easy to create sensory activity with colored sand.

sensory play

Thanks for reading.

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pretend play spa

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