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Science Activities for Kids :Mini Volcanoes

Science Activities for Kids :Mini Volcanoes
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Science Activities for Kids :Mini Volcanoes

Make colorful mini baking soda and vinegar eruptions with recyclables

Can’t stress the gorgeousness of this science activity. Baking soda and vinegar eruptions have been done with multiple variations. Creative people out there are constantly reinventing this popular activity for a reason- it never gets old, especially to the kids. Today we share a simple twist on the same science activity.

Materials ( affiliate links)

Cut the bottom of each slot from the egg carton using a craft knife.Snap off the lid. Flip the carton over and make “mini mountains” Fill up the lid with baking soda and have the child spoon in the baking soda inside the egg carton slots through the hole ( which is now on the top) Add lots of baking soda to make the eruptions spill over the slots.

Egg Carton Volcanoes

Fill up squirt bottles with colored vinegar. I colored the vinegar using liquid water color. You can use food color if you prefer that.

Colored Vinegar

Time to play!

science activities for kids

With more than 1 kid playing, you can have simultaneous colorful eruptions.

scientific eruptions activity

The children loved the pastel colored “lava river”

colorful science activity for kids

They named these ” baby eruptions”.

Science fun with eruptions

We also did “vinegar rain” where both of the kids poured the vinegar from up high.

Science Fun

The yellow eruptions were by far our favorite.

Mini eruptions

Simple colorful science.

Erupting small volcanoes

All with just a plastic egg carton.

Science activities for kids with baking soda and vinegar

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More on the baking soda eruptions  and more science experiments here

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Mini Volcanoes

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