snakes craft
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Recycled Crafts: Easy Snake craft

How about cute snake crafts for kids? Have you seen those fruit trays/liners at grocery stores? The ones that house apples, pears etc? When you flip these over, you can see a perfect snake outline! Great for fun snake crafts for kids. How cool! Well at least that’s what I thought when I saw a bunch of the fruit trays lying in a corner at the grocery store. Since my children are big wildlife enthusiasts all animal activities and animal crafts go over VERY well. So do recycled crafts.

Materials { affiliate Amazon links for your reference}

The fruit trays we used are the ones grocery stores use to stack their apples. The stores usually throw them or recycle them away and it was easy to ask them for a few trays. They were more than happy to part with them. All we did was flip them over and you can easily see the snake pattern right away ha!

materials for snakes

I cut across the fruit tray to create 4 outlines for the snakes. They don’t look like snakes yet.. But wait.

cut snakes for crafts

With the cutouts and acrylic paint set out, the kids were in painting heaven! { All our art activities can be accessed here} Along with my 5 year we looked at a few picture of some gorgeous looking ( really!) snakes. She gathered that some snakes have bands and many of then have a skin pattern. She chose a pattern for herself and started painting. { Have you seen our patterns in nature post?}

For this art activity we only used thick stubby brushes like these since there weren’t any part that needed a fine paint brush. Thick toddler brushes like these work well too.


My 3 year old just goes with the flow! She mixed a few blues and greens and created this beautiful, sleek looking snake. Isn’t this a fun snake craft for kids? Once the snakes were dry ( haha) we added googly eyes and a forked tongue. { Which started a set of questions – why is a snake’s tongue cut? Are there any pink snakes? etc- see how a simple craft kicks off learning and researching time}

toddler snake crafts for kids

Mommy and 5 year old’s effort.

orange snake craft for kids