Home Art Projects Homemade Paint Recipe: Pumpkin Gelatin Paint

Homemade Paint Recipe: Pumpkin Gelatin Paint

Homemade Paint Recipe: Pumpkin Gelatin Paint
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Homemade paint recipe: Pumpkin Gelatin Paint

We sure are on a pumpkin kick when it comes to all things edible! I did not really enjoy “pumpkinifying” everything in sight during October. This year however I’m really loving the pumpkin flavor in everything, especially pumpkin bread! How about extending pumpkin more in our everyday play activities. [ More pumpkin activities here]

We came up with this super simple homemade paint with a big dose of pumpkin flavor.

My 5 year old had me draw a pumpkin and she was very excited to try out this “yummy” paint. We used a heavy construction paper since the paint is a bit thicker than regular paint.
homemade pumpkin paint

My 3 year old chose to draw free form and adored exploring the texture of the homemade paint.

toddler enjoying pumpkin paints

The best part is that this homemade paint can be made as thick or as thin as you and your children prefer. Our was runny and it was fun to spread it around.

painting pumpkins

It does get thicker as time goes by- after all it has gelatin in it.

pumpkin art with homemade paint

The children also wanted to paint a few paper plates to make Jack-0-Lanterns.

painting with homemade paints

This is how the paint looks if spread evenly.

paper plate ainting



Materials for homemade paint: ( makes 2 bottles pictured above)

  1. Unflavored Gelatin – 6 envelopes
  2. Orange Food Color
  3. Pumpkin Pie Spice
  4. 4 cups of hot water

Each envelope you add, needs about 1/2 cup of near boiling water. I added extra and ended up with 4 cups of hot water in the gelatin. Add pumpkin pie spice according to your preference – I added the spice until the fragrance was pretty strong! Few drops of food coloring go in and then it is time to mix. The mixture will be watery and will spread easily. Make the paint and use it immediately- you don’t want it to set.

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