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Oobleck Fountain

Oobleck Fountain
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We can never have too much oobleck fun in our household. And we always try to come up with more creative ways to play oobleck. For those of you who are looking for more fun with oobleck – Oobleck fountain is the way to go !

The girls were full of energy, atop each other and even though my lil’ one is just 8 months old , she can already standup to her sister ! My sanity was soon running out and I needed to re-charge my battery! Cuppa coffee??? Sounds delicious !

Plan of action: Give the girls something that would keep ‘em busy.

Answer : Obleck !

Me: Wanna play oobleck ?

Big S : yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !

With Lil’ S on her high chair with her bear, I could see those eyes were getting heavier !

Big S was so quick to get me the starch and water and her oobleck pans. Boy she was just waiting for me to bail her out from Lil’S ‘s captivity !

Big S: Can I have something else too?

Me: Sure. Here take the pinecones.

Bam ! Pinecone fountain. And that’s what we did. Simple thought but great fun.

[box title=”Here is what you need” color=”#b11616″]

  1. Corn starch
  2. water
  3. colors
  4. Bowls
  5. Pine cones


Mix up a batch of oobleck and divide into bowls . Big S loves to mix colors and so she made 6 different colors.

It is also a fun way to teach them mixing colors to make new ones.  Big S’s favorite Blue and Red makes PURPLE ! We can never have too much purple in our house . She even calls herself “Purplelicious“! Anyway, once we have our colors we just pour away onto our very own Pinecone.



Fountains after fountains of different colors and sizes.

Now thats what Big S calls- ” way tooo much fun” !


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