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Nature Play for Kids: Kid made mini flower vases with flowers from the backyard

Nature Play for Kids: Kid made mini flower vases with flowers from the backyard
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We had purchased plastic bottles with attached lids that look like film canisters from a place that sells clean recyclables. The clear bottles are purchased from our local Dollar Tree to store our small craft supplies. That afternoon’s desire to combine nature with these containers ended up with this gorgeous display.

Materials ( Amazon affiliate links)

If you or your children want to recreate these mini flower vases for a beautiful windowsill display or simple for a fun nature play time, you can try the travel size bottles you already have at home. I have seen small empty milk bottles

I ended up having my eleven year demonstrate what she did one more time for this post, haha! She is a natural teacher and was more than happy to explain her process. Apparently what I thought was a simple nature activity for kids had more things going on. It was fascinating to hear her explain the process she adopted while making these eye catching flower displays.

Here are some of her thoughts on how she made her own bouquets look good  and some ideas for future bouquets.

  1. I try not to use the same color flowers next to each other. If the same colored flowers are in a triangle, they generally look better. (In my opinion, anyway)
  2. For example, if I’m using yellow daisies, I arrange them around an appealing purple. Yellow and purple, being complimentary colors, look very nice together.
  3. I feel long stalks of leaves or grasses are always a nice touch.
  4. I don’t usually have a centerpiece in my bouquets, but if I make one I would  arrange the additional flowers around the centerpiece in overlapping triangles.
  5. I always prefer calm and soothing colors and designs over vibrant colors ( the hot pink arrangements are my sister’s) So I try to use only a small palette of colors with the addition of some green plants here and there.
  6. Since I was working with smaller flowers and a mini vase/bottle I found it easier to arrange the bouquet in my hand and put it into the container when I had an  arrangement that I liked.
  7. For me, white is a go-to color to tie my whole thing together.
  8. I also like using a jute twine to give it a simplistic yet appealing look.



Depending on the size of the flowers, she snipped off the ends first.


This unique design is the 9 year old’s. Onion stalks were used to tightly wrap an empty pasta jar to give it a natural look. Spotted with a few geraniums made it look very joyous.



window sill flowers

Better picture of the containers we used.

pink purple flower vasesnature play with flowers

Some of the mini vases  has some colored water and this was left over from the previous day’s nature exploration. Some nasturtiums and geraniums were slightly crushed and soaked in water in the mini vases (bottles that look like film canisters) That can be a separate kids nature play by itself. The orange and the pink colored water is from the flower soak.

mini vases for flowers

The brightly colored green water is from the leaves of the nasturtiums plant. I’m so excited to recently find out that the entire plant is edible and also has weak antibiotic properties.

kids flower vases

My sober colors loving 11 year’s favorite arrangement is this one.  Monochromatic with just a small color surprise.


Have some interesting containers at home? Try these flower arrangements and inspired an afternoon of nature based fun!

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