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Mango Playdough Recipe

Mango Playdough Recipe
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Homemade Playdough Recipe: Mango Playdough

Make sweet smelling, soft homemade playdough packed with mango flavor.

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Summer is not complete with the king of fruits (atleast in India) With the heat in full swing here we might as well embrace the change of seasons. While getting ready for our summer activities we are visiting our favorite playdough play activities with a new homemade play dough recipe { our old favorites are fresh flowers playdough and chilled playdough) This time we present you with something straight from the tropics– sweet smelling mango playdough.

The smell alone is amazing! The children couldn’t stop smelling it and it reminded us of last fall where we made yet another fruity playdough ( apple playdough with real apples) that they couldn’t stop smelling. { Stop by our fruits sensory bin post}

mango playdough fun

Roll the playdough out and pair it with leaves and other natural objects.

homemade playdough with mango

We made prints while taking big whiffs of the scent.

printing with playdough from mangoes

The kids sliced and diced the delicious mango playdough

cutting mago playdough

I even got a slice of mango pizza!

mango pizza play

Yes the works! When we bring out the playdough play times turns elaborate with so much cutting, scooping, pinching, rolling,  lifting, sorting and creating that there is so much fine motor skills workout right there.

playdough play with mango playdouogh

This time they paired the delicious mango playdough with tic tacs to create intricate cakes and other desserts.

playing with playdough

I was even given a plate of mango sandwich and mango milk shake.

mango playdough recipe

Ready to eat a slice of her own mango sandwich

sweet mango playdough

Yes you got a take a whiff and better yet make some.

sweet smelling mango playdough

Feel free to pin this image

Summer fun Mango Playdough Recipe

Homemade playdough recipe : Mango Playdough

You can use any of our favorite playdough recipe for this. I used the one we used to make our spring playdough here. While making the recipe I added a mango energy drink mix I found at the grocery store. { Kroger Brand} They come in a box of envelopes and each envelope is 5 grams.

materials for mango playdough

The only issue I had was the drink mix I used while labelled “Mango” gave the playdough ORANGE color. It had an amazing mango fragrance and flavor ( I suppose, we didn’t consume it} though. So I added more yellow food coloring to get that perfect mango color. If you don’t care and smelling mango while looking at an orange color doesn’t trip you off you can totally skip the food color step.

You need any mango flavored drink mix in powder form. Here are some options I researched for you.

Products that may work

The only tip is that with any recipe you use, add 1 envelope ( 5 grams) of the powder mix for 1 cup of flour to get a good fragrance.


Additionally, I have fallen in love with a wonderful ebook called ” The Homemade Play dough Recipe Book”.  This book can be your “all things playdough” reference book. It has simple play dough recipes, gluten-free recipe, cooked playdough, uncooked playdough recipe, play dough play ideas with loose parts.. I mean the author Cathy James of NurtureStore has thought of every possible combination. Try it!


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