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Art Activities for kids : Floating Art

Art Activities for kids : Floating Art
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Art Activities for kids : Floating Art

Art that floats! Easy to create simple art activities for kids are the best and this one fits the bill.


  • Shaving Cream
  • Water in a container
  • Liquid Watercolors
  • Pipettes

Fill up a (preferably) a shallow container with water. Set out a can of shaving cream. Then start creating with the shaving cream.

shaving cream art

Given that my 3.5 year old was the one who was very interested in this art project our creations mostly resulted in squiggly lines and gorgeous white lumps. But you go ahead and create anything beautiful with a can of shaving cream.

We also noticed that Barbasol brand gave us clear, consistent lines if you are keen on making patterns. The following images is from a can of Dollar Store shaving cream which gave us fluffy lumps. Both are fantastic in their own ways. A quick science lesson can also be incorporated. { Look at the shaving cream floating on water!}

Kids art with shaving cream

The shaving cream art floats on the water for a long time unless it is disturbed. Then color those gorgeous fluff with liquid water colors dispensed from pipettes. Doesn’t it look beautiful? You can save the art and start a new one on another bowl of water or you can do what we did.

coloring floating art

Let the kid go to town with mixing the art by swirling and mixing.

mixing shaving cream art

Well we can’t stop with just one color now can we? So we extended the art activity by starting a new bowl of water and created shaving cream art that floated for a long time!

KIDS ART with shaving cream (2)

Spice up the art with gorgeous colors from liquid watercolors.

coloring shaving cream sensory play

Until you are satisfied.

art projects with shaving cream for kids

The other can of shaving cream gave us a consistent lines without breakage.

Floating art with shave cream

Once the art was done, play time started which involves copious amounts of stirring, swirling and vigorous mixing.

play with shaving cream

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Floating art project for kids



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