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Preschool Play Ideas : Playful Preschool Book

Preschool Play Ideas : Playful Preschool Book
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An e-book packed with hands on play ideas for preschoolers.

3-5 book

It’s only natural that we follow up our Book of Play : Zero to Two, baby play ideas e-book with an equally resourceful book.

Introducing Playful Preschool: Three to Five

preschool play book

A wonderful e-book catered to your inquisitive preschool crowd. These kids who are full of questions, boundless energy and limitless curiosity. They are always eager to learn if learning opportunities are presented in a playful manner. It is still hard for them to sit still and learn so making all environment light, engaging and playful is the key to make any activity successful.

The activities in the book all focus on hands on play and learning! Here is a sample.


  • There are 25 unique preschool play ideas with hands-on learning.
  • The activities for preschoolers are explained very thoroughly with bright pictures and clear step-by-step instructions.
  • The ideas are very simple, practical and perfect for moms looking to create an enriching and nurturing time for their kids.
  • There are 10 printable resources -city scape play scene, My First Journal pages, recipe card, numbers game, weather chart -printables, alphabet play mats, unique hand-drawn art pages, conversation cards, block building challenge cards, bookmarks
  • You will get exposed to 25 new blogs where the women behind the blogs share so many ideas for preschool play ideas.
  • There are additional 50 links to whole new ideas for play.
  • There is a wide range of activities with classic preschooler, sensory play, art projects, science experiments, literacy play ideas.

The book retails for $8.99 (USD) You can buy this e-book in your native currency and Paypal will handle the conversion for you.

You can buy it now, on any device, and then download it when you are ready. Depending on the apps you have installed and your operating system you might be able to go ahead and download the book on your mobile device, but if you have any doubts or problems, I recommend you use a computer to download the book and then share it to your mobile devices.”

3-5 book

If you are in need of baby and toddler play ideas we have you covered as well.

baby play book


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