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Giant numbers heart for daddy

Giant numbers  heart for daddy
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Homemade gift for Valentine’s day

Valentine’s day seems to be more and more about the man getting the perfect gift for the woman. Today, the girls are going to show how much they love the most important man in their lives  their father. I strongly believe that the relationship between a father and his daughters sets the tone for ALL the male relationships ( boy friend, husband, son, boss, male friends in general..)  a girl could ever have.

Today’s homemade gift for Valentine’s day for dad is a gigantic number heart which was supposed to be a poster of sorts.

I taped sheets of butcher paper to the floor. Secure it because you WILL have kids running back and forth on the paper because it is apparently too much fun. You don’t want torn paper before the activity has even started.

number hearts for valentine's day

I wrote down numbers ( double digits for the older) in a heart pattern. It’s going to be a giant connect the dots to form a heart thing.

We took out these cute flip flop patterning supplies from Lakeshore Learning. You could use anything patterning tool – all around hand prints would be cute!

printing with flip flops

With some paint and these flip flops, Big A went around the paper connecting the numbers..

valentine's day present for dad

After a while she used her own palms to do hand prints and connect the numbers.

handprint hearts for valentines

We continued our printing fun while connecting the numbers to make a giant homemade Valentine’s day gift for dad. [ Great number recognition practice while creating a homemade Valentine’s day gift].

Toddler had a great fine motor exercise too.

fine motor printing for toddler for valentines

Once the giant heart was done, the plan was to set it to dry and write ” WE LOVE YOU DADDY” in the middle.

valentine's day activities art daddy

The plan was simple, make a giant heart as a homemade Valentine’s day gift with hand prints, flip flops etc on a large paper taped to the floor

Write ” we love daddy”

Let it dry.

Fold the paper up and store it

On Valentine’s day arrange it back on the floor and surprise daddy!

Pretty straightforward right? Wrong! I did not account for the toddler to “explore” the art while it was supposed to be drying in a “safe place”. Y So we don’t have that surprise anymore and hence the blogging bit. Anyway, I thought I could share with you all in case you find it remotely appealing to try it.

Oh by the way, you see that perfectly lined up flip flops? Yeah, that’s NOT my doing. Ladies and gentleman, that’s my order-loving child # 1 for you.She is clearly her dad’s child.

valentine's day fun with painting heart

Now exhibit#2, child #2 is clearly mom’s child. Her 1-10 heart..homemade Valentine’s day gift for daddy.  Most of the time was spent smearing paint on her palms, and body.

toddler painting hearts

Other Valentine’s day crafts we have done.

Thanks for reading

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