snowman craft
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I may look like a flake (no pun) for doing a snowman craft right in the middle of the Valentine’s day season. But the kid just had a big (fake)snow day at school and we are part of a cool bloghop brought to you a bunch of amazing bloggers.

So here is our one and only snowman craft for the season. I figure there are many places where it is in the middle of snow season.

[box title=”Things we used” color=”#333333″]

      • Cotton rounds (2 sizes)
      • Markers
      • Beads


material for snowman craft

I used 2 sizes of cotton rounds and just cut the larger one to make the middle circle. I cut out a small hat using a cotton round and Big  A colored it in.

We then aligned the snowman circles ( good exercise) on a blue construction paper and glued the circles and the hat on. Big A also drew the eyes and the hands for the snowman. I drew a small mouth and she glued on beads on the line (again, good exercise)

winter craft with snowman

She glued on  pom poms for buttons and a red felt cloth for the scarf. My toddler girl also sporadically participated in the activity

To turn the snowman craft into a winter scene, she shredded the cotton rounds and stuck the cotton on the bottom and liberally applied white glitter on the top.