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Valentine’s Day Cards : Scented

Valentine’s Day Cards : Scented
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Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards

 Homemade Valentine’s day cards are the best kind of cards to give because they show the thought and effort the family put in to show their love to the receiver. If I plan ahead I can always find the right time to encourage the kids to create some homemade cards. Asking them to make a card 1 hour before going the party does not work ( in my household)  That said we can’t expect the kids wanting to make cards for all the occasions. Some times we  do buy cards from the store and have the kids draw a small picture and write their names( mark making for the younger one) on it. 

Making Valentine’s day cards was a great way to encourage the kids to express their creativity and imagination not to mention the oodles of opportunities to practice writing. .. So this week we will share three easy Valentine’s day cards ideas for kids.

Today’s post is one such a Valentine card idea.

 Straw Blown Scented Valentine’s day Card

valentine day ideas with heart cards

I folded a white card stock paper in to half. On other regular white paper I cut out a heart shape and pulled out the piece. What’s left will become a stencil of sorts.

I gently glued (glue stick only) on the card stock paper.

To blow some color and create cool patterns on the card we initially tried the usual water downed paint. Paint was still thick to create dramatic patterns.But today we used food coloring to create a lighter liquid to blow around. Not just food coloring, I added some fragrance in the form of matching colored Frosting Creations.

 Food Color + Frosting Creations = Scented liquid creates wonderful patterns

valentine's day scented cards

So there, orange food color + orange Frosting Creations  is our liquid which is going to be manipulated with a straw. Once the stencil is in place on the cardstock paper, Big A placed 2 small drops of the food coloring on the stencil and started blowing the drop using the straw into the heart.

medicine dropper to drop food colors

She was very pleased that it was so easy to blow around and  make cool patterns if we keep moving the card around.

straw blown art with orange paint

We experimented with many colors. Best way to create good patterns to show the child to hold the straw flat.( parallel to the paper)

straw blown painting with food colors

 Once she filled the card, I gently removed the stencil (( very important that you use a glue stick so that it is easy to remove the stencil) we were left with this.

orange scented valentine's day cards

 You can have your child trace the heart with a marker or glitter glue. I traced this one.

home made valentine's day cards

That’s our orange scented homemade Valentine’s day card with a cheesy bonus love tagline. But hey, we were blow painting hearts so the song was stuck in my head.!

Note: Resist the temptation and don’t use red when you are blow painting Valentine’s hearts. You know why? The heart looks anatomically accurate and that’s just creepy 🙂

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