Home Fine Motor Activities Halloween Fine Motor Activities: Build a Spider Web

Halloween Fine Motor Activities: Build a Spider Web

Halloween Fine Motor Activities: Build a Spider Web
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Halloween Fine Motor Activities: Build a Spider Web

Spiders! Ahhhh!! Do spiders get big reactions from your or your child? Both my kids are very curious about critters and don’t usually shy away from them. But if your child is not very keen on these furry 8 legged creatures, this Halloween activity that builds fine motor skills while building a spider web will be the one for you. Make a friendly spider web.

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Materials {affiliate links}

Orange Self-Adhesive Paper

Black Sharpies

Black Yarn

Masking Tape


I purchased the self-adhesive paper from my local office supplies store but I located a similar product online for you.

Draw a spider web on the sticky side of the orange self adhesive paper with a black permanent marker { or have an older child do this step} My 7 year olds prefers setting up kids activities for her sister than engaging in already set up activities now. Leave a big ball of black yarn { or any color you prefer. We loved this assorted colored yarn that we used in our sticky fall tree art} and a pair of good scissors.


Building the spider web with yarn : Building fine motor skills and scissor skills

I would place the self adhesive paper on a sturdier surface { like a tray} and gently tape with masking tape. This ensures that the paper doesn’t slip off when the child is building the spider web.

My child preferred to start with the center circle and work her way outside. Your child may choose a different way to finish the spider web.


With the  masking taping the contact paper in place, it should be easy for the child to trace the spider web with the black yarn. my almost 6 year old continued building the spider web while strengthening her fine motor skills.


Children can use 2 ways to get the yarn length almost right. First she directly pulled the yarn from the ball and stuck them directly on the contact paper and snipped them off once a certain section was traced off completely.


Then she would approximately snip off smaller yarn bits and use them to trace the sections. This was a GREAT LESSON in approximation and estimation. She had to look at a certain section of the spider web and guess how much yarn is needed to trace that section.

Alternatively you could also cut smaller yarn bits and have the child match the yarn bits to the size of the lines in the spider web. We turned this part into a game and watched for who got the yarn size as close as possible.


Finally we finished off the spider web with one of our spider medallions in the center and for a while this halloween activity turned into pretend play.


We taped our completed spider webs on our wall for a cool kid-made Halloween decor!


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