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Halloween Fine Motor Skills and Writing tray

Halloween Fine Motor Skills and Writing tray
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Halloween Fine Motor Skills and Writing tray

Writing doesn’t always have to be with just with a pen or a pencil. In fact I have had the best luck with sensory writing right when my kids were much younger. They were always eager to write with anything other than their pencils. We have tried flour sensory writing, rainbow sensory writing, peppermint sensory writing tray,  snow writing to mention a few. These writing activities were fantastic for their developing fine motor skills. Simple small world with a few sensory materials is another activity that is great for their fine motor skills and this fine motor tray is an extension of a recent halloween sensory small world idea we shared recently { Make a ghost patch}

How to set up Halloween Fine Motor Skills and Writing tray

Materials {affiliate links}

Craft Sand Assortment

Black Rocks

White Gravel

White Craft Sand

Vase Filler Gem Glass Confetti,

Table Scatters Halloween

Googly Eyes

Setting the supplies in a contained tray is the first of the few few steps to get them excited about writing.


I spread out some black craft sand on half of my favorite wooden tray { purchased from IKEA} and set out some black rocks, googly eyes, vase filler gems and some aquarium gravel .{ All products links available in the above materials section}

You can have the kids trace out sight words


And then have the children trace the words they have written with small stones, gems or gravel.


To have a more play based fine motor skills activity, invite them to create a monster or a creature.


We switched out black sand and started all over with our white sand and the same supplies.


More Googly eyes and rocks were used this time. It was a great activity for building imagination as well.


More monsters and more fine motor skills.


Thanks to craftprojectideas for supplying with a variety of googly eyes that we used.


I love that this monster making fine motor activity took a shape of its own and turned into a face making fine motor activity.


Don’t forget to check out the Ghost Patch Small World Play idea


Thanks for reading

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