Home Season Fall Fall Crafts for Kids : Pumpkin Pasta Necklace Threading

Fall Crafts for Kids : Pumpkin Pasta Necklace Threading

Fall Crafts for Kids : Pumpkin Pasta Necklace Threading
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Fall Crafts for Kids : Pumpkin Pasta Necklace Threading

Pasta Threading is such a classic kids craft with good reason. Pasta crafts and activities are great because they are fun and lend themselves so many play based learning activities. The entire pasta threading activity is a great way to develop fine motor skills, practice counting and patterning, recognize and identify colors all while creating something that you can proudly wear. Kids love pasta crafts. A while ago we colored our pasta and made rainbow necklaces

Materials {affiliate links}

Pumpkin Shaped Pasta
AmeriColor Gel Paste Food Color
Ziploc Bags
Gallery Tray
Needle & Thread

I purchased some really cute pumpkin shaped pasta that were already faintly orange. Now I got this pasta on a crazy sale at a local gourmet food store. Considering that it is the fall season, keep your eyes peeled for sales and you might snag one of these guys for a good price. You probably need a couple of handfuls for a necklace and use up the rest for a delicious pasta meal.

I dumped all the pasta in a Ziploc and added a few squirts of orange food coloring. { We always use AmeriColor Gel Paste Food Color for its vibrant color} is I started shaking until all the pasta is coated evenly with the color.


Transfer the colored pumpkin pasta to a cookie sheet and let them dry. For many fine motor activities like this we use Gallery Tray with a lip to contain the mess and to have a definite working space for the kids.

Unlike regular pasta threading don’t let the pasta dry too much. It needs to have a little but moisture left so that the bottom part of the pasta is still soft and hence making treading easier.


The best way to thread this pasta is through a regular needle. Start off with a knot at the end of your thread to hold the pasta. Thread your needle and poke through the bottom part of the pumpkin


The soft bottom part of the pasta should help in pulling the thread on the other side.


This could be a great first needle threading activity for kids.


Thread through and finish off with a cute pumpkin pasta necklace.


You can even add a bit of pumpkin spice while coloring the pasta and the kids will have a ball wearing this beautiful pasta necklace.


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