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Fine Motor Activities : Jingle Bell Drop

Fine Motor Activities : Jingle Bell Drop
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Fine Motor Activities : Jingle Bell Drop

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More jingle bells activities. We can’t get enough of all the fine motor activities we can do with these simple jingle bells. They were great  in a simple sound sensory activity. We paired with scented writing tray and now for some extra jingly math fun we are plaiting them with some up cycled paper rolls { More fine motor activities here}

Materials { Affiliate links are included below  for your reference}

Paper Rolls
Holiday Gift Wrap Paper
Christmas Jingle Bells
Stainless Steel Tongs
Cookie Sheet
Clear Tape
Foam Numbers

Now wrap the paper rolls with some festive gift wrapping paper {picked them up at the Dollar Store} and use tape to adhere the edges

paper rolls math activities

Bring out the colorful small jingle bells and place them with the now colorful rolls


I used the same silver tongs we used in the jingle bells fine motor tray activity.

homemade fine motor game for christmas

They are just as fun as without the tongs

holiday paper rolls with bells

You can get in some sorting exercises by encouraging your child to separating the bells into different colors. After separating the bells into 3 different clear cups { I like to use clear cups to make the colors stand out } Then we used foam number stickers and stuck on the paper rolls.

fine motor activities

Surprisingly my 6 year old was just as interested in this fine motor activity as my 4 year old. The kids picked up the corresponding number of jingle bells and dropped into the paper rolls. The sound of the bells on the metal cookie sheet was the highlight!

v=fine motor activities with jingle bells and paper rolls

Removing the paper rolls and admiring the nicely fallen down bells  comes next.

play withe christmas paper rolls

Then the kids were unto themselves playing with the jingle bells on the cookie sheets making lots of sound.

play with jingle bells fine motor play

I think the best part is the cookie sheet. The sound the dropping jingle bells make adds to the excitement which makes this a more engaging fine motor activity.

 recycled fine motor game

You can also tape all the paper rolls to the wall and place the cookie sheets below them.

jingle rolls on the wall

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Jingle Bell Drop Fun and sensorial fine motor and math activity for kids

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