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Top posts of 2014 from Blog Me Mom

Top posts of 2014 from Blog Me Mom
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Top sensory activities post of 2014

Here’s the NEW YEAR POST — only 5 days late! The year has had its ups and downs but I’m focussing only on the ups so we can sail right past the downs! Hope those of you who are reading this had a fabulous new year’s day and a fantastic 2014. Thanks again for sticking with the blog and supporting us on our social media platforms. We hope to bring you more great simple kids activities through out the year!

Here are the top 10 posts of 2014 that were well received by you all. Did you miss any? Here is a chance to have a look. { Almost all of them are sensory activities}

Edible Slime: Ooooh! This edible slime sensory recipe went crazy and many of you all loved the simple recipe. Thanks for all the lovely emails.

touch edible slime

 Silky Soft Goop: A new goop recipe that gives a gorgeous, smooth texture. Call it snow goop for some winter sensory fun.

sensory activities for kids smooth goop

 Edible Water Beads: This is an older post that continues to attract visitors continuously. Click to see the simple recipe.


 Tulip Painting : This again is an older post that does not quit. One of our most popular posts that refuses to step down from the top 10 position. Why? Check out this simple idea to make gorgeous tulip art. Perfect for spring.

spring art tulip painting

Rainbow Lemon Eruptions : Rainbow, eruptions and science. What a fun combination. This simple erupting tray will have kids playing and exploring for hours.

rainbow lemon eruptions

 Lemon Suds Eruption: Gotta love eruptions activities. Kids will love the colors, fizzing and the gorgeous texture. Check out this popular science experiment for kids


 10 ways to make pretend snow : This wonderful collection post is perfect for this time of the year. 10 easy way to make pretend snow for those of us who live in areas without any snow.

pretend snow recipes

Fall Sensory Jars and Sudsy Goop recipe : More sensory play ideas

For the last spot, my personal favorite Rainbow Snow recipe.

playign pretend with rainbow snow

 That’s all folks! Looking forward to a fun year ahead with tons of kids activities.

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top 10 posts pf 2014 from blog me mom -- sensory activities

Some wonderful collaborative e-books we have released!

A book filled with playful science and math activities


Check out our resourceful e-book filled with many preschool play ideas.

preschool play book

We have also collaborated on another e-book with simple and practical baby play ideas.

baby book


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