Home Holidays Christmas Fine Motor Activities : Jingle Bells Fine Motor Tray

Fine Motor Activities : Jingle Bells Fine Motor Tray

Fine Motor Activities : Jingle Bells Fine Motor Tray
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Fine Motor Activities : Jingle Bells Fine Motor Tray

Fine Motor Activities with a holiday twist. Expanding on our peppermint writing tray this fine motor activity will make learning and creating extra fun.

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Materials {Affiliate links to the products are below}

I had this delicious smelling Peppermint Writing Tray. Once the kids were done tracing on them I set out cups of these really cute jingle bells along with a silver tongs. { Recipe for the peppermint writing tray in the above link}

peppermint fine motor tray

Before starting to work with the fine motor tray, I let my 4 year old explore the bells. She had fun trying to pick them up using the tongs. She mixed the bells up and was generally having fun with the bells {Try making our jingle bell soup for some sensory play}

jingle bells activities with salt tray

Then she simply traced the numbers { in our case} with her tiny fingers.

salt tray writing with bells

And used the tongs to pick up the bells. Then she tried tracing the number outline with the jingle bells. She tried various hand positions before she was comfortable with one position to hold

using tongs and bells in fine motor peppermint tray

You can introduce patterns if the child is receptive.

writing with jingle bells on peppermint tray

After tracing and patterning, both the kids were off to making their own designs.

fine motor practice using jingle bell tray

Jingle Bells art. Art tray that smells amazing too.

jingle bell art on salt

A simple easy to put-together fine motor tray for kids.

jingle bells fine motor tray with peppermint salt

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Fine Motor Activities for Kids | Christmas Fine motor activities with jingle bells

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