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fall tree art project

Fall Art Projects for Kids : Easy fall tree printing

An easy fall art project using just circles in fall colors. This fall art is so easy that you can easy set this up as a toddler fall art project too....

Outdoor Activities For Kids – Paint a Tree

We have a  small fig tree in a corner of our backyard which is perfect for all kinds of nature/role play. It is small enough for Big A to climb up and...
disk painting - active art

Art Activities: Active Disk Painting

This post is brought to you by Ogo Sports Back to school season is around the corner and that sadly means summer is coming to an end. Let's hurry up and have...
puffy paint recipe

Art Activities : Art with 1 Minute Puffy Paint

Art activities using 1 minute homemade puffy paint We have made puffy paint before with flour before. However this time we are using a super quick puffy paint recipe which is so...
art activities with cars

Art activities: Large scale vehicles painting

Art activities : Paint with big vehicles It was a hot day and the kids were itching to get out. We couldn't really get out of the house and go somewhere.  Instead...
art activities with squirt gun

Art activities for summer : Squirt gun painting

Art activities for the summer What's summer without a good old messy backyard game? We love open-ended art activities which involves copious amounts of paint and today's post is no exception. An example...