Home Art Projects Fall Activities for Kids : Fizzing Apple Art

Fall Activities for Kids : Fizzing Apple Art

Fall Activities for Kids : Fizzing Apple Art
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The idea is the one we used in our Fizzing Shamrock Art. Since kids activities based on acid-base reactions pretty much rocks any child’s world we try to turn that science experiment into art by basically doing the experiment on a sheet of paper.

apple crafts with fizzing apples

The process is amazing and the kids were familiar with it from our fizzing shamrock art.

Fall Activities for Kids: Fizzing Apples Art Project

  • Make Baking Soda “Paint” { 1 TBSP Baking soda mixed with about 2-3 tsp of water to make a paintable solution}
  • Make Apple Flavored Fun Dip solution
  • Make Citric Acid Solution in red and yellow colors { Citric Acid + water + food coloring} We always use the Now brand Citric Acid.
  • You can always use colored vinegar instead of citric acid solution. We just happen to like lemon eruptions a lot better

apple art and craft

Apple Art Activity Process

The child first coats the apple cut outs with baking soda “paint”

Then either the Fun dip solution, citric acid solution or vinegar is used to gently touch the baking soda to enjoy the tiny fizzes.

fizzing art

We have done so many baking soda vinegar experiments that the kids now know what to expect. The multi colored apple fizzes were a treat to watch and photograph.

fizzinf apple crafts for kids

Once all the apples are done we let them dry for a while.

apple crafts for kids

The colors turned out so vibrant and the place where the fizzes were created gave the art so much texture and dimension.

apple art projects

We took a few of them and tried taping them to the window and they shone brilliantly against the sun.

window suncatcher apple crats

We were surprised that they made decent sun catchers.
apple kids artart activities for kids apples

Another option is to string all the apples on a twine and hang them as a garland. See all the themed garlands we have done before.

appls craft on the

I have received many emails asking me to explain the process even further. Here is the step by step rundown

1. I would start by making some baking soda paint which is just water mixed with baking soda. {add 2 TBSP of baking soda and slowly add water until you get a solution that is not too watery}
2. Paint the cutouts with this paint { don’t make it too watery but just wet enough}
3. Make several cups of colored citric acid solution { 1 TBSP of citric acid + 2.5 TBSP of water + 1-2 drops of food color}
4. When the baking soda paint is still wet, dip your paint brush in colored vinegar and place it on the apple cut. It will start to fizz.
5. Experiment with multiple colors.

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  1. Where does the apple dip stuff come in? Do we paint with wither that OR the citric acid? what is the solution break down for the apple dip?

    • After the baking soda paint is used, use either the fun dip solution or citric acid solution or vinegar to create the fizz. You are painting with a basic solution and using a weak acid to create a chemical reaction.


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