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Art Activities for Kids : Rooster Art

Art Activities for Kids : Rooster Art
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Art Activities for Kids : Rooster Art

A few years ago we originally created a beautiful spring tulip art project using forks. Now another set of plastic forks were put to use to create a fun and colorful rooster. Using supplies other than traditional paint brushes makes art activities for kids more fun and we have done our share of “brushless” art activities like this scented string art, rainbow yarn art, spray painting negative space art

When I recently saw a picture of a rooster art created with regular paint brushes I immediately thought we can almost recreate the same effect by turning the art project suitable for kids by using forks.

Fork Painting a Rooster

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materials for fork art

For this art activity we used regular washable paint initially. Then I saw that a little bit of watered down paint worked better than thick paint out of the bottle. Washable acrylic paint is a great alternative too.

With a basic outline for a bird, kids will use their forks to follow the curves and get the rooster colored in. This entire art activity can be done simply with plastic forks and paint. You don’t have to pick up a brush. Isn’t fork painting amazing?
drawing with fork kids art

We did not stick to just one color or to only the natural colors of the bird. I had at least 5 colors set out and the kids had were free to choose their colors.

kids art with forks

The best part of this kids art project was that they did not have to stick to a form. The art looks better when it is not too perfect. It looks even better when the fork marks look distinct.

art activities for kids with forks

The colored forks themselves were a piece of art.

fork art supplies

Once the bird gets filled in with fork marks you can finish off with an eye and a beak.

art projects for kids rooster

We have a rooster-hen hybrid bird ha!

art for kids rooster

I can see this a great Thanksgiving art projects for kids.

colorful rooster art for kids with simple supplies

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