Home Art Projects Art activities for kids: Galaxy Bookmarks

Art activities for kids: Galaxy Bookmarks

Art activities for kids: Galaxy Bookmarks
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Art activities for kids: Galaxy Bookmarks

Open ended art activities are such a great way for kids to explore and unleash their creativity. In this art project the kids loved splattering, splashing, pouring and blending liquid watercolors on to thick watercolor paper. We have enjoyed playing and painting with liquid watercolors as lot. You can see our watercolor art projects here.

Activity Prep Time : 5 minutes

Materials { Affiliate links included below}


We did not start off trying to make any art galaxy themed kid art. That’s the great thing about open ended art projects. Since my kids are now relatively older { 7 &5} I’m always looking for ways to turn their open ended art into something we can preserve.

For this art project I simply set out sturdy watercolor paper, liquid watercolors, toothbrushes and paint brushes and the had the kids use the materials the way they chose.


The kids used the toothbrush and paint to splatter paint some gorgeous colors on the watercolor paper.

art kids spray

Watch for another post to see what we did with those splatter painted art pictured above. But this post is about what we did with this beauty right here. I could not take a lot of pictures of the actual process.

glitter crafts for kids

To get here, the kids simple splattered first and brushed the colors over. Finally my 7 year old blended them together. You can also swish the extra watercolor on the paper to move them around and make patterns. There is no right or wrong way to achieve the effect. It’s basically free range watercolor painting.


A good dose of silver glitter was the final touch on this kids art project.

crafts for kids bookmarks

I cut the painted paper into two equal halves once the paint dried.

art kids spray

I holed punched two holes and tied a sparkly string around it to turn them into bookmarks. My 7 year old who is a voracious reader cannot get enough of these.

kids crafts galaxy bookmarks

Tips :

    • You can easily skip the glitter
    • If you do want to use the glitter {they do make the art magnificent} then use an adhesive  spray to make sure they don’t fall off
    • Alternatively use a laminator to laminate the bookmarks and preserve them while making sure the glitter stays put. We own and love Swingline Laminator

kids crafts bookmakrs

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