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Fall Activities for Kids : Fall Sensory Bags

Fall Activities for Kids : Fall Sensory Bags
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Instead of creating the fall sensory bags for the kids, I laid out the materials in small containers on a tray and had the children have fun creating the bags themselves.

We had apple/cinnamon pot pourri, fall leaves table scatter, fall confetti, plastic acorns, fall silk leaves, cinnamon sticks for the bits that go inside the bags.


For the “squishy” part of the squishy bag itself we had hair gel and glitter along with food coloring. The children filled up quart sized Ziploc baggies about 3/4 full with hair gel. Then they added a good dose of fine glitter of color of their choice { although gold goes really well with orange} Then big squirts of orange color gel food coloring. Mix them all together inside the baggie with a plastic spoon. We didn’t mix them well since the bit of yellowish orange gave it a really great “fall look”.

fall sensory bags

We made 4 squishy bags each with a different emphasis on color

  • Apple Cinnamon green color fall sensory bag with red pom poms and cinnamon sticks.
  • Orange colored fall bag with fall leaves in it
  • Yellow colored  bag with more leaves and confetti in it
  • Red bag with many acorns in it.

making squishy bags

Please note that the cinnamon sticks does make the bag a more brownish color.

squishy bag

The yellow and the orange colored fall sensory bag turned out really beautiful

sensory activities for fall with squishy bags

The yellow bag was pretty translucent making it the most shiniest. When you hold the yellow fall sensory bag against sunlight the bag looks amazing.

sensory activities for fall

Before handing over the sensory bags to a child please have the edges taped off with a strong duct tape so that the contents does not ooze out.

sensory bags

We also taped the bags against a sunny window so the children can have fun squishing the bags against the sunlight.

squishy bags for fall

red sensory bag

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fall bags squishy

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